Peak is the first vertical marathon founded in Kuwait inspired by the sport of “Tower Running”. It was a success from the beginning attracting people from all kinds of sports. The concept is new and exciting to Kuwait, where sports is now growing more than ever. Peak officially launched in 2015 as an annual event.Peak brings you the most exciting endurance event in Kuwait. A vertical race inside Kuwait’s tallest building, 60 floors climb at Alhamra Tower.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I finish?

Race kit includes medal T-Shirt and bib. finisher’s certificate

Can I stop during the race?

Yes, you can rest in between floors. The race volunteers and medics will be available to help you if you need anything.

Where do I register?

On the website.

When is Peak?

Peak is an annual event in april

Is it going to be crowded?

Every 15 seconds one person will go up to avoid a crowded staircase.

Do I have to have a high fitness level?

No you can take your time and stop when you need to

What is the cut off time?

No cut off time.

Can I do it as a team?

Yes a team of TWO. The first one goes up 30 floors and the second one continues until the 60th.

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